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JUUL vs MYLE: The Main Differences

If you have already been vaping in Abudhabi or are recently switching from cigarettes, both JUUL and MYLE are very powerful electronic smoking devices to experiment with. If you are into stealth vaping, these devices are exceptionally lightweight and thin. They also look more modern than any other type of e-cigarettes. However, many people often […]

Vaping Lung Disease News Reports

VAPE HUT Abudhabi has been closely monitoring the recent news surrounding vaping lung diseases. When it comes to enjoying a Abudhabi vape, the health and well-being of our customers is our main priority. We decided to address these concerns so that you can feel safer about using our trustworthy products. Our Products Are Regulated Health […]

Celebrities Who Have Switched to Vaping

One of the biggest reasons why people became Abudhabi vapers is because they wanted to quit smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes have too many toxic chemicals filled with nicotine and tax, which cause lung cancer and other breathing problems. Long term smokers who wanted to quit the habit resorted to vaping as a solution to suppress cravings […]

How to Vape as A Beginner

If you have recently decided to invest in a Abudhabi vape, you might be thinking about e-cigarettes and doing a lot of research online. Your main reason might be to quit smoking traditional cigarettes. You probably even saw a video on YouTube where your favourite influencer kept puffing throughout while telling you how much healthier […]