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What Is the Difference Between MTL (mouth to lung) and DTL (direct to lung) Vaping?


If you love Jordan vaping, you might have heard about someone describing mouth to lung (MTL) or direct to lung (DTL) hits. The main difference between direct to lung and mouth to lung hits for Jordan vaping might be challenging to imagine if you have never had an Amman vape before. Most people feel that […]

Is Vaping in Abu Dhabi Harmful for Your Health?

Electronic cigarettes are everywhere, even in the news, when publications are not inundated with daily articles about the current coronavirus outbreak. However, there are plenty of horror stories that might put you off vaping in Abu Dhabi. Having an Abu Dhabi vape is not a dangerous trend, and it has been a useful way to […]

Is It Worth Cloud Chasing If You Are Vaping in Abu Dhabi?

Due to the rise in popularity of an Abu Dhabi vape, cloud chasing has become a professional sport that began as an amateur. New users often start using sub-ohm tanks with a regulated mod and builds of 0.5 ohms or more. Vaping in Abu Dhabi does not conjure images of well-toned athletes that are competing […]

Health Concerns About Sharing Devices While Vaping in Abu Dhabi

Vaping in Abu Dhabi

When you are vaping in Abu Dhabi, you might feel generous and share your devices and e- juices with friends and family members. After all, the Abu Dhabi vape community becomes like a close family. Sharing devices is a way to try new brands and flavours without committing to purchasing them first. This is the […]

Best Places to Vape in Abudhabi With Incredible Views

There is no shortage of breath-taking skyline and sunset views across Abudhabi, especially when you want to relax with family and friends and unwind from a busy week. Unlike many other cities, there are plenty of smoke-friendly places for you to enjoy a Abudhabi vape, both indoors and outdoors. Here are some top spots around […]