Health Concerns About Sharing Devices While Vaping in Abu Dhabi

Vaping in Abu Dhabi
When you are vaping in Abu Dhabi, you might feel generous and share your devices and e- juices with friends and family members. After all, the Abu Dhabi vape community becomes like a close family. Sharing devices is a way to try new brands and flavours without committing to purchasing them first. This is the same as going to Carrefour and eating the free mini hot dog or chicken nugget samples before buying a multi-pack of these delicious treats. With the Coronavirus outbreak causing a scare and many people catching the flu this winter, you might want to be a little selfish and avoid passing your device around to others. From a young age, we are always taught to be hygienic and wash our hands. This was essential to stop spreading any diseases, and we also got time off from school, which was a lot of fun. However, vapes were not around back then, and we were never badgered by our parents to clean them. If you share drinks from the same glass or even cigarettes, saliva particles are exchanged. You never know which of your friends might be sick, and thus infect you too. The next time you cook pasta, be careful about the person you pass the spoon to taste the sauce. If you are vaping in Abu Dhabi, you should warn others if you are sick and watch out for others with any flu-like symptoms. These symptoms can be coughs, runny nose, sneezing fits, and high fevers. To prevent getting sick, you should stop sharing your Abu Dhabi vape device until either you or your friend recovers completely. Bacterial diseases and viruses spread like wildfire through water droplets when someone sneezes or coughs. This requires regular sanitation of vapes and e-cigarettes if you are vaping in Abu Dhabi with friends. In a survey conducted by the University of Texas, nearly one in five students reported sharing their e-cigarette with friends. If these students did not wipe down their devices regularly with disinfectant cloths, they might exacerbate the spread of various diseases on campus. Since most diseases have a multiplicative nature that does not wait for anyone, preventative measures are necessary to spare your Abu Dhabi vape community from any illnesses. If you are unwell and have a sore throat or headache, you should warn your friends about it and remind them not to take a hit from your device. This will not be considered as rude behavior because everybody will thank you for being so considerate about their health. Then nobody will have to take an unexpected sick leave from work the next day unless they want to call in sick to stay home and watch Witcher on Netflix. By taking extra care of yourself and others, you can avoid having bad taste in your mouth with “Trendy” flavors such as Cold Carrot Cake, Flu Fruit Salad, Pneumonia Pineapple, and Bronchitis Berries. Obviously, those are not real flavours, but that is what every e-juice will taste like when you have the flu, and your taste buds are numb with a stuffy nose that causes migraines. When you do recover from an illness, the best way to enjoy an Abu Dhabi vape is by cleaning your device frequently before and after sharing to prevent the spread of harmful germs.

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