Is It Worth Cloud Chasing If You Are Vaping in Abu Dhabi?

Due to the rise in popularity of an Abu Dhabi vape, cloud chasing has become a professional sport that began as an amateur. New users often start using sub-ohm tanks with a regulated mod and builds of 0.5 ohms or more. Vaping in Abu Dhabi does not conjure images of well-toned athletes that are competing for the gold medal. However, cloud-chasing has risen from vapor being blown in a friend’s garden to professional events with lucrative prizes and sponsorships. Two of the most prominent competitions are “The World Series of Vaping” and “The International Cloud Championships” in Southern California. Like other types of sports, if you are vaping in Abu Dhabi and want to become a professional cloud-chaser, your clouds will be judged on durability, originality, technique, and length.  Why Do Some People Hate Cloud Chasing? With many new sports, there are some who believe that cloud chasing is a ridiculous and absurd practice. However, others who are fans of the game say that cloud chasing has helped raise awareness about vaping in Abu Dhabi, especially for tobacco smokers. It shows that vapor can beat smoke in hopes that more people will quit smoking cigarettes.  Others believe that cloud chasing gives a bad reputation to vaping in Abu Dhabi. This is because people who blow massive clouds in public appear obnoxious as if they are bragging about their talent. Many non-smokers see vaping as a nuisance, even though it does not smell like cigarette smoke. If you are enjoying an Abu Dhabi vape and want to experiment with cloud chasing, try to do it at home rather than outdoors or around non-smoker friends who might feel uncomfortable when a giant cloud surrounds them. Whether people love or hate cloud chasing, it is here to stay. The market for rebuildable dripping atomizers and sub-ohm tanks has seen a significant spike thanks to this sport. Manufacturers around the world will continue producing these products because there will always be a demand for them. This is not necessarily a negative thing if people take responsibility and show courtesy to those around them while in public.  Some Dangers of Cloud Chasing Most people might scoff at the idea of dangers associated with cloud chasing, but there are some. You might be at risk of overheating your device by pushing it to the extreme. Even though clouds are produced easily, you should remember that vapers who make these clouds use devices that are modified. Instead of buying their Abu Dhabi vape from regular stores, people have spent a lot of time and effort modifying their vapes to produce maximum clouds. Since batteries and atomizers are the two major aspects of cloud production, a lot of heat is required. This encourages people to push their battery power that can cause explosions if you are not careful while vaping in Abu Dhabi. Complicated battery-powered devices are used to excel at cloud chasing. Expert vapers warn that there is a great deal of familiarity required to understand the mechanics of vaporizers. Anybody can have an Abu Dhabi vape with sub-ohm tanks, but cloud chasing should always be left to those who are most daring due to the risks.

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