13 Reasons why you should try vaping without nicotine?

Zero nicotine vaping

Suprising benifits and facts on nicotine free vaping

Vaping is a highly trending alternative to smoking. It is a highly effective practice among chain smokers to gradually quit smoking. There are many chemical ingredients in cigarettes and the component that supposedly gives that head rush and high feeling to smokers is “nicotine”.

Dangers of Nicotine

Nicotine is a highly addictive drug that reaches the brain in a few seconds after inhaling the smoke. Nicotine floods the brain with dopamine and damages our reward and pleasure centre of our brain, making the body crave artificial dopamine hits which makes a person addicted. Long term exposure of nicotine can lead to dangerous health hazards like tumors and cancers.

So a possible substitute to this practice would be zero nicotine vaping. Nicotine-free vaping has shown to drastically increase respiratory and vascular health among heavy smokers.

Lets now see the various reasons to try vaping without nicotine:

The best alternative-

Your addiction level for cigarettes can be drastically decreased and almost 95% of dangerous chemicals are avoided by using vaping as an alternative.

Passive smoking-

Second-hand smoking is one of the dangerous ways in which not only the smoker but also the people in your proximity are also affected. Surprisingly nicotine-free smoking does the exact opposite and is completely safe around people as only chemical-free vapor comes out of the device.

Environment friendly-

Cigarette smoking releases highly toxic gases in the environment and also cigarette butts litter the environment. Whereas vaping just releases a little amount of vapor and there is no leftover debris or junk.

Clears Breathway Passage-

 Cigarette smoking exposes your throat to various chemicals which can lead to cancer in the throat, esophagus, or other respiratory organs. The sharp inhalation hits you in the throat and makes it dry. Whereas zero nicotine vaping is extremely smooth on the throat and there is no headrush.

Nontoxic –

Zero nicotine vaping is the safest form of vaping which is non-toxic. Whereas cigarette smoke contains harmful chemicals such as nicotine, lead, arsenic, ammonia, benzene, carbon monoxide among the 7000 other chemicals. Out of these, almost 70 chemicals are carcinogenic(cancer-causing) chemicals. Shockingly polonium-210 which is a radioactive chemical is also included.

Extensive variety-

A wide range of nicotine-free e juices are available in Vape Abu Dhabi for people with various palettes. Users can choose from intense to very mild flavors according to their choice of interest to experience an unparalleled vaping experience. Some of the most sought after nicotine free E-juices are lava flow, Vgod apple bomb, Black edition by riot squad and EZ Duz It by ruthless

Appealing aroma- 

Zero nicotine vaping juices are available in attractive taste and smells ranging from candy, dessert flavors to fruit and mint flavors. Unlike cigarettes, vapes have a wide range of e juice and nicotine salt flavours.

Non-toxic E-juices – 

E-juices are made from non-toxic ingredients like vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. These two ingredients determine the amount of vapor produced by the vape. Propylene glycol is less famous as it produces less cloud whereas cloud chasers just love vegetable glycerine.

Budget-friendly –

Vaping industry is a huge market and all types of normal and premium quality products are available at economically feasible rates.

Social acceptance – 

There is an increased awareness and acceptance in society regarding vaping. And most public places allow vaping while smoking is not. And it is always wise to inquire about the rules beforehand.

Healthy teeth and gums – 

You can bid farewell to stained teeth and gums by nicotine-free vaping. It has an overall positive health benefit and the dental transformation is quite visible to our naked eyes.

Goodbye to saggy skin –  

There is an overwhelming number of people who use nicotine-free vaping for maintaining supple skin. Many celebrities have reportedly converted to vaping just for this benefit.

User friendly – 

There is no prior knowledge or training needed to use the vaping device and all you need to do is just press a button and inhale. All sorts of sophisticated vaping devices are available for beginners and expert vapers alike.Nicotine-free vaping is a boon to chronic smokers and also to anyone who wants to enjoy chemical-free smoke. People have started to enjoy the benefits of switching cigarette smoking to vaping. To maintain a stress-free and healthy social and family life, zero nicotine vaping would always be a wise choice.

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