Tips to Prevent Abu Dhabi Vape Spit-Backs and Popping Atomizers

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When you take a hit from your device while vaping in Abu Dhabi, have you ever noticed the notorious “Vape spit back?” Imagine finishing work in the evening and driving home through all that traffic, feeling excited to have a quick Abu Dhabi vape before dinner. However, you gleefully fill your tank as usual, fire up the mod and take a deep breath. Suddenly, after taking a deep draw, you might hear vape juice spurting and popping out of the top of your atomizer. Aside from being the most annoying thing to happen when you least expect it, this sputtering Abu Dhabi vape juice can severely damage your tank if you are not careful. Luckily, there are ways to fix this problem on your own at home without needing a specialist on speed dial while vaping in Abu Dhabi. Here are the easiest ways to combat the sputtering issue, such as changing your coil, decreasing the airflow, and limiting excess juice settling on or around the coils.  How to Stop E-Juice Spit Back? Before going into a whole journey of troubleshooting your Abu Dhabi vape device because of a spitting tank, the first thing you should try is adjusting the airflow. A little airflow adjustment might do the trick if your mod is spitting back some liquid or causing a hissing and popping sound. This is because spit back usually occurs when there is too much air that causes your e-juice to flood the entire tank. When you readjust the tank to allow less airflow, you might notice that there is no more spit back.  Alternatively, another method of preventing e-juice spit back is by introducing an extended drip tip with a much thinner air hole. Although this is not a magical solution to get rid of the spit back problems, it will protect you from getting any liquid in your mouth while vaping in Abu Dhabi.  Can Coils Cause E-Juice Spit Back? The coils in your Abu Dhabi vape can be cause spit-back because you may have put too much e-juice on them during the priming process. Even if you were trying to avoid a burnt taste by using excess e-juice, it can still flood the atomizer and create a popping and hissing sound as well. When you are adding e-juice to prime your coils, make sure that you are not in a hurry. Let all the liquid soak effectively to prevent any build-up of e-juice that causes spit-back. If your coils are twisted and braided, they will be more prone to collecting this extra e-juice if you do not let it absorb for long enough before taking a hit.  Can Adjusting Wattage Help? If you are sub-ohm vaping in Abu Dhabi, a low wattage can cause vape spit-back. This is because lower wattages need more time to heat your coil correctly, which provides the opportunity for your e-juice to enter and flood the coils. Flooded coils are susceptible to causing Abu Dhabi vape tank spit-back. Slightly tweaking the wattage can help prevent or limit the popping noises, and there will be no more hot liquid spitting back at you.

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