Get Rid of Vapers Tongue by different methods

Vapers Tongue and its causes

Imagine that scenario when all of a sudden, you are unable to apprehend the taste and smell of your favorite e-juice. Well, that happens to serious vapers. It is a predominant condition that occurs once or several times to a vaper, known as the vaper’s tongue. This condition occurs out of the blue and panics the user as the effects can prolong up to a couple of weeks. The side effects can be evident with either swollen tongue or a swollen taste bud, or both.

The main reason for this condition is owing to the immobilization of the olfactory senses and taste buds. This immobilization occurs due to excessive vaping or smoking. Have you ever observed a chain smoker whose scent is usually dominated by a thick offensive smell of tobacco? Yet it does not bother him, because of “olfactory fatigue”. That means he is unable to recognize his scent as he is used to it. But an outsider can quickly discern the strong noxious smell of tobacco. 

And just like olfactory fatigue, there is “taste fatigue” by which you are unable to perceive a taste. This affects our taste buds and dry tongue is a side effect of taste fatigue. We should keep in mind that our keen sense of smell and taste operates simultaneously and are essential to distinguish a taste.

Vapers tongue

Vapers Tongue Treatment

There are numerous ways to get rid of vapers tongue. Let’s find out some of the most effective remedies:

> Hydrate to wellness

 Drink a reasonable amount of water according to individual requirements, but make sure that you hydrate frequently. An increase in the amount of water intake means no more dry tongue and optimal functioning salivary glands. It is better to sip water frequently than to gulp down altogether.

> Cleanse your clapper  

A well-maintained taste buds can drastically increase your sense of taste and appearance. Over a while, an accumulation of food, bacteria, and other debris can clog your tongue and lead to poor oral hygiene. So gently cleaning the tongue with a scraping tool to get rid of unwanted materials is recommended. Make it a routine in your life to get rid of vapers tongue. 

> Regulate the use of beverages 

Since alcohol possesses a high risk for people suffering from dehydration, it is best to decrease their intake. They are categorized as diuretics that make people who consume alcohol urinate repeatedly. This constant urination can lead to unwanted dehydration if not supplemented with water which then leads to vapers tongue.

> Avoid taste bud sensitive cuisines

Your taste bud is extremely sensitive and proper care needs to be taken while choosing your diet. If you suffer from taste fatigue, it is best to keep away from foods that are extremely spicy, cold, or exceedingly flavored. These intense flavors can also cause a swollen tongue and swollen tastebuds.

> Take care of your immunity

Olfactory fatigue can be caused as a side effect of various illnesses such as sore throat, respiratory illness, or gum diseases. So it is highly recommended to increase your immunity through proper workout and diet. Your fitness determines not just olfactory fatigue, but your overall health. 

> Use a neutralizing agent

If you have observed a significant decrease in the working of your olfactory senses, then it is best to inhale coffee beans. They act as a great neutralizing agent and you can instantly feel a slight improvement.

> Quit using tobacco

Smoking is the worst enemy that wreaks havoc in your taste buds and olfactory senses.An exponential increase in your ability to smell and taste can be observed within days of abandoning cigarette smoking. Within few months, a complete recovery can be made. 

> Try longer intervals between vaping

Your taste buds require a recovery period from all the vaping and smoking that you have done throughout the years. So it is best to take a short break and indulge in less frequent vaping or smoking. It might be an impossible task for some vapers to quit vaping for some time, so it is best to increase the nicotine intake. An increase in nicotine intake helps to overcome the temptation of vaping regularly and helps in taking long breaks. This is a very potent technique to get rid of vapers tongue. 

> Use unflavored E-juices for vaping

A clever method to bring back your immobilized olfactory and taste senses is to use unflavored e-juices. They are mild in flavor and you can indulge in vaping without messing up with the senses. These unflavored juices are economically feasible and do not intensify the vaper’s tongue.

> Use a variety of flavors

Indulge in changing the flavors of the e-juices frequently. This helps the olfactory senses to experience change and stimulates the smell receptors. This shake-up is necessary to prevent the vaper’s tongue and restructure the olfactory senses.

> Regular maintenance of your devices

Sometimes olfactory fatigue cannot be the reason for you not being able to recognize the smell. It can be your vaping device which is filled up with an accumulation of the debris of former vape juices that you have used. This accumulation can prohibit the extraction of the flavors of e- juices. So make sure that the coils and vaping devices are well cleaned and maintained.

> A flavor to the rescue

You can try menthol flavors to recalibrate your senses. This flavor is notorious for targeting certain receptors that invigorate the system. The menthol flavors are very strong and they always work their magic.


The above tips are time-tested methods that aid the user to get rid of the vaper’s tongue without any side effects. Try to find the root cause of your problem and experiment with any of these techniques. If the condition persists, it is best to take a break from vaping for some time or try non nicotine vaping and give adequate time for your body to heal.

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