What Is JUUL Party Mode If You Are Vaping in Abu Dhabi?

If you finally bought a JUUL to quit cigarettes and are excited about having your first Abu Dhabi vape, you might have seen or heard about “Party mode” on the device. If that is the case, you can relax, knowing that it is not a myth. Activating party mode on a JUUL is a big surprise for a lot of people who enjoy vaping in Abu Dhabi using this device. It is like a surprise bonus level in a video game that developers hide to deem you worthy. The manufacturers of JUUL also stealthily slipped this feature in the device. There are two different versions of party mode, and you can learn about them both. How to Activate JUUL Party Mode To activate your JUUL’s party mode to have a fun and colourful Abu Dhabi vape hit, you will need to follow three steps. The first step is to ensure that your device is charged fully and ready to have some fun. Your pod does not need to be entirely full because the battery charge is more important in this case. The next step is to take a deep drag from your JUUL like you usually do while vaping in Abu Dhabi and get the white light on your device to start glowing. When the white light comes on, you should quickly remove the JUUL from your mouth and wave it back and forth as though you are stranded on a desert island and waving at a rescue helicopter. This will cause the white light on your device to start flashing in multiple colours. Finally, bring the JUUL back to your mouth for another drag. Then you will notice that if you wave it around again, the device will flash rainbow colours consistently. This is what is known as the infamous JUUL party mode. However, the flashing lights eventually stop and go back to the regular white light. If you want a permanent party mode while vaping in Abu Dhabi, you will have to repeat the above steps. There is no guarantee that your JUUL will stay in party mode for a long time, but the only way to activate it is by taking a drag and waving the device around. If you do this frequently enough, the chances are high that you can activate party mode permanently for every Abu Dhabi vape hit to show your friends this fun trick. You should always be careful while waving your hand with the device. Avoid standing too close to people in case you accidentally hit somebody. It would be best if you also stay away from any walls because you might painfully slam your hand against them and damage the device. Your JUUL has a lot of sensitive internal components, and you should always be careful when attempting any tricks using the device.

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