What Is the Difference Between MTL (mouth to lung) and DTL (direct to lung) Vaping?


If you love Jordan vaping, you might have heard about someone describing mouth to lung (MTL) or direct to lung (DTL) hits. The main difference between direct to lung and mouth to lung hits for Jordan vaping might be challenging to imagine if you have never had an Amman vape before. Most people feel that mouth to lung is easier because that is how you traditionally smoke cigarettes. You bring a lit stick to your mouth and take a puff where you inhale smoke into your lungs. You hold that smoke in for a moment before breathing it in. On the other hand, direct to lung bypasses the action of holding the smoke in the mouth because it goes directly into your lungs. 

Mouth to Lung (MTL) Jordan Vaping

Mouth to lung Jordan vaping will remind you of smoking cigarettes. Therefore, most beginners prefer this method because it comes naturally to them while having an Amman vape. With this method of taking a drag, you will also feel an intense throat and chest hit, especially if you use a high-PG (Propylene glycol) e-juice. Many pod systems and e-cigarette starter packs are designed for mouth-to-lung vaping, which provides a familiar smoking experience to satisfy your nicotine cravings with the throat hit. 

Direct to Lung (DTL) Jordan Vaping

With a direct-to-lung Amman vape, you are essentially cutting out the middleman, which is your mouth. Instead of holding any vapor in your mouth while Jordan vaping, you are directly breathing it into your lungs. This will feel like you are taking a deep breath intending to fill your lungs rather than focus on the taste of the vapor. The most advanced vapers gravitate towards this technique because you can easily pull it off with sub-ohm vape systems that create large clouds. Instead of a high-PG e-juice, you are better off going for high-VG (vegetable glycerine) instead because then you will not get an intensely harsh hit. 

Which Is Better Between MTL and DTL?

Like most things involved in Jordan vaping, the technique you choose comes down to personal preference and what feels right. If you keep coughing and choking after every hit, you might need to switch from direct-to-lung to mouth-to-lung. Generally, most people having an Amman vape enjoy a throat hit if it is not painful. This might motivate you to stick to MTL because you are already familiar with the satisfying hit. However, if you want to become a cloud chaser and do incredible tricks, then you will have to practice direct-to-lung hits with a high-VG e-juice. Different devices provide unique experiences. Therefore, it is best to experiment with devices to find the type of hit that makes you feel most comfortable. 

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